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By | November 10, 2013

Cerita Dewasa if we translate to English it means adult story, so what’s wrong with adult story? I have never been tried to Google a keyword “adult story” so I do not know what are the result of Google recommend to you but if you type “Cerita Dewasa” it would then direct you to most site with adult story with erotic and sexy content.

There is nothing wrong with erotic and sexy content but we are very concern and as a blogger wanted to give a positive feedback  in Google search engine for this “adult story” keyword by writing articles in our each blog. We use keyword “Cerita Dewasa” but the content of the article will be out of the internet user expectation of Cerita Dewasa.

Indonesia has a very serious problem with the moral values recently which is cannot distinguish between good and bad, technology has already messed up everything since they cannot accept and won’t to apply wisely. It is not because they are not well educated or not, but again it’s all because they have no good feel on what they can do and not.

Technology is aimed  for efficiency.

We as blogger hoping to be able to respond positively the key word of  “Cerita Dewasa” in our content. I am doing this also in my other Bahasa Indonesia blog and it looks work although very slow.

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